The Bulls are back

The Bulls are showing promise in the early points of the season.


James Sheehan

The Bulls are showing the city of Chicago what they got.

In the past 10 years, the Bulls have been nothing short of embarrassing. They had their runs in the 1990s with Micheal Jordan and Scottie Pippen and in the early 2000s with Derrick Rose. After these key players left Chicago, the team has never seemed to recover. They have struggled to make the playoffs every year and could not seem to put things together. Everything seems to have changed this season. They have made some key trades and picked up players like Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso that have helped the team tremendously. 

People feel refreshed to see a good basketball team in Chicago. The Bulls have one of the best records in the NBA. They show great effort in their games and show even better chemistry with one another. This is something that fans have not seen from the Bulls in a long time.

“I’m very happy there is a top team in the league and a top 3 team in the East. They have a bright future and maybe a possible championship”, Junior Quade Moll said.

The Eastern conference has some great competition for the Bulls to measure themselves against. If the Bulls want to make a run in the playoffs they will need to beat teams like the Bucks and Nets. The Bucks are coming off a championship, but it is nothing that this Bulls team can not handle.  

“I’m not a Bulls fan but they are one of the most surprising teams this year”, Junior Kyle Glassman said.

Fans that support other teams are shocked by how good this team is performing. It is a shock how fast they have turned things around in just one year. Besides the Bulls, Chicago sports are not great, which is why them being great this season is very important to Chicago fans. When the Blackhawks had their Stanley Cup runs the city looked to them for motivation. Now it is the Bulls’ turn to return the favor.

“The Bulls used to be one of those teams no one wanted to watch, and now Chicago is the place to be. Billy Donavan brought Chicago back to life”, Sophomore Colby Priller said.

Management in the Bulls organization deserves praise for sure. They have turned this team around so quickly and have shown that they are capable of the job. A couple of years ago taking a job in Bulls management would have been lethal for their career. Now the Bulls are rising to the top and looking toward a championship.