The Community of Sequoit Spirit Getting Involved

Getting involved makes the town of Antioch closer and more energetic.

October 24, 2019


The Antioch welcoming sign to show the love and support from our community.

School spirit may not only involve the students and faculty, but the whole community as well. Antioch is known to be a very small town, but the people in the community all participate in school activities and show their Sequoit pride. Many Antioch Community High School alumni decide to raise their families in Antioch due to the bond and love in the community. Angela Conrad, ACHS alumna and Football Mom to Antioch Vikings Youth Football program, has many family roots in Antioch and decided to raise her children and family in Antioch. 

“I moved back to the neighborhood I grew up in because this beautiful town had my family’s roots, heart and soul for generations,” Conrad said. “I have lived in numerous other places, but Antioch is the only place I could ever call home.”

The students of ACHS recognize and acknowledge the support of the community. When friends and family come to sporting and school events, an amazing energy can be felt and students can feel that the community cares. 

“It is super cool seeing all the friends and family supporting the Sequoits,” junior Maximus Karellas said. “It shows that we can come together as a community and support each other.”

Not only does the community come and support the Sequoits, but many people have a helping hand in what the Sequoits do. There are many parents that support the Sequoit Football team and provide food for them, known as the “Football Moms”, they would do anything to help ACHS. Sue Day, Football Mom and photographer to the ACHS Varsity Football team, shows her Sequoit spirit by coming to every game and taking pictures on the sidelines. 

“I love capturing pictures of the boys that they can’t wait to post on Instagram,” Day said. “Or being there when one of the boys has a great play and comes off the field excited about their accomplishment.”

The Antioch community shows great love and care for the Sequoits. With a close community, the students of ACHS feel supported by everyone. These connections make the school more energetic and seem like a family.

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