The Funny Thing About Trends and Style


The commonly used noun, hipster, recently transformed into a branch of popular every-day clothing among young adults world-wide.

Many students want to be different or attempt to partake in high fashion. In order to do that, going out to purchase the latest and trendiest clothing is a must. While the desire to be different is strong, the outcome is every one ends up looking exactly like one another. Scoping out these similarities can be really easy; find somebody strutting in their brand new combat boots, band tee of the band they’ve never listened to from Forever 21  and skinny jeans to match Harry Styles’.

Fashion is a superb etiquette to have. Everyone has the right to dress in what they please. If the Pink yoga pants and Ugg boots with the Starbucks drink in hand are what one wishes to stick to, then so be it. Teenage girls stereotypically love and follow fashion; it’s a part of who they are supposed to be. When they walk around the mall and see something super cute, they can’t help but buy it. Today, many girls wear a lot of the same clothing, accessories and even shoes and nobody can blame them for having a cute style. Instead of seeing practically the same outfit everywhere one goes, there’s many ways to add in a little bit of your own personal style to make that predictable outfit something new and even better.

Seniors Stephanie Vanderwall and Olivia Jennrich are both great examples of individuals who like to follow the trends but still incorporate their own style in everything they wear.

Jennrich said, “Dress for you. If you think it’s cute and if it speaks to you then go ahead and wear it. You never know what’s going to look good on you, that’s why it’s good to have time to go shopping with your friends.”

Do not panic if the cat walk leaves you confused by what you should be wearing. Style is personal. There is no herd to follow. There are no rules. There are no seasons.

Vanderwall said, “Go outside of your comfort zone. Always try new things. Try everything on when you go shopping and if it looks good then get it if not then oh well. You have to be comfortable in what you’re wearing, you just want to be able to fully be yourself in everything you wear.”

Style is what comes from within, from knowing what you want to be and who you are. Not from wanting to be or look like someone else.

Jennrich and Vanderwall both share a similar taste in fashion. The two enjoy a classy, conservative and edgy look.

“We are very similar yet very different. We can share clothing because of our similar taste. There are some things Steph has that I wouldn’t wear and vice versa,” said Jennrich.

It is very important to play around with what you see and like in clothing.

Senior Vivek Gupta notes these recent trends, not just in females but in males, too.

“My style is more or less on average similar to everyone else’s. Most people tend to wear very similar things, you know like, jeans, khakis and boat shoes. I just wear whatever I want. I don’t really have any labeled style. I dress up for school rather than wear sweats because of the mentality of it. If I wear sweats, I feel sluggish,” said Gupta.

Finding your own style isn’t impossible. Try a new do, take a visit to a hair salon and play around with different lengths and hair styles. Change your perspective, look for inspiration and buy something new every couple months at a vintage shop or at the mall. Mix it up and go at it alone, try not taking the opinion of someone else on a new pair of shoes you think you might purchase; buy them if you like them.

For Gupta, style is something that might not be a huge part of his life, but it does play an important role in his daily routine. Like the phrase, “Look fresh, feel fresh, look well, do well.” 

Being yourself is self-explanatory for some people, but showing the true you to the world is much harder than one might believe. Everyone has their own unique style, and some might not even know it yet. That is the beauty of finding yourself, what you like and what you will be. Step out of that comfort zone, explore and feel good. Most importantly, be yourself.