The Hub of Information on Main Street

An establishment fostering fun and learning in the community of Antioch for nearly 100 years.


Jake Ilkka

The catalog of the library spans the history of various newspapers that are nearby Antioch while having an impressive selection of books in comparison to the size of the library. “Sometimes larger libraries will loan from us for their patrons because we have it on our shelves and they don’t,” Jacobson said. “I think that is pretty remarkable for a collection, especially in a small town like Antioch.”

The Antioch Public Library is one of the key landmarks in the community. The library is constantly working to meet the wishes of their patrons and they help to deliver new technology and programs to all. Marketing and Communications director Becky Jacobson takes pride in the library’s ability to cater to community needs and find ways to connect to patrons.

“We identified a large area of our community doesn’t have WiFi or basic access to information, so now we circulate ten hotspots that can be checked out and taken home,” Jacobson said. “People really like the ability to come and get something and get familiar with [the technology] and sometimes they go out and get their own.”

The Antioch Public Library also hosts a wide variety of events that appeal to all age groups and interests. The employees of the library wish to continue expanding the reach of the library to more people with further changes and the addition of more technology.