The Impact of Spring on the Season

With football returning in the spring, training looks different for the Sequoit football players. From less games to overlapping sports, there are quite a few differences this sports season.


Joseph Neumann

Antioch Community High School’s football team adjusts to playing there season towards the end of winter.

The schedule for football has changed tremendously. With only being able to play six games, as opposed to nine in the regular season. Some players are disheartened to learn that the schedules shortened, but many are still excited to be able to play nonethelessl. Junior Colin Chamberlin is optimistic about being able to play.


“This year we play a lot less games and we have a lot less time,” Chamberlin said. “We only have six games total this year which is sad but at least we are able to play.”


Even though this season is not as long as seasons prior, many Sequoit athletes are still making the most of the limited time they have.


I am preparing for football this year by lifting twice a week every week till football starts,” junior Andrew Tindell Said. “Last year I lifted a lot before the season started during the summer because I had camp but this year we are obviously playing in the spring.”


Athletes are required to wear masks and will only be allowed to take them off when drills have them largely socially distanced.


Another big change to practice is that a majority of practices will be inside due to the weather. With practices starting in the winter, football has to adjust to new athletic conflicts. This has caused in depth planning to avoid overlapping sports.. The plan is still developing, according to head varsity football coach Brian Glashagel.


“Practice planning, game day planning, adjusting our normal routine to the new guidelines and mitigations, communicating with the players and parents,” Glashagel said. “There is literally planning going on for this season everyday.”


Even though Sequoit football has a shorter season this spring, many athletes and coaches are still working hard to make sure they are able to play.