The Long Awaited 2020 College Basketball Season Begins

2020 College Basketball season is starting up. See what people are exited about and what is to come.


Kylar Arias

College athletes are ready to get back into playing the game they love.

It is the time of year when college basketball season is upon us. The season tip-off will be Nov. 25 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. There has been no college basketball since March 11th. The season ended before its annual 64 team tournament, also known as March Madness. After missing out on a huge event, fans are excited to see what their favorite teams and players do this year.

“My favorite college basketball team is Duke for sure,” junior Eric Grose said. “I can’t wait for the season to start. I’m just ready for some fresh meat on the Duke squad.”

Fans of the well-known basketball teams, such as Duke, are excited every year going into the season because they always recruit some of the best high school players.

However, with COVID-19 once again on the rise, people may have mixed feelings about the season starting so soon. College football has already started but basketball may be more difficult due to more games and travel.

 “I think it’ll be okay but it could be stressful depending on the situations with COVID,” junior  Trenton Crandall said. “Many players could be ready while some aren’t, so it’ll be interesting.” 

Another thing that fans are excited to see is if players have a chip on their shoulder after getting the season cut off early and maybe even losing a tournament spot. 

“I think it’ll push them to work a lot harder to get back there and to prove they belong (in the tournament).” Crandal said.

According to the NCAA, a few things that fans may keep their eye out for is the Wooden Legacy Tournament featuring Georgetown, Kansas, UCLA and Virginia. This event starts on Nov. 26 in Anaheim, California and ends Nov. 27. Then, starting Nov. 30 is the Maui Invitational taking place in Asheville, North Carolina instead of Hawaii this year. Teams include Alabama, Davidson, Indiana, North Carolina, Providence, Stanford, Texas and UNLV, and the play ends December 2nd.

Many fans and athletes are excited for this season to begin. As long as the season does not get canceled, it should be just as exciting as previous years.