The Lunch Room Craze

Students at Antioch Community High School spark conflict on where and what they eat for lunch.



Lunch in school has the opportunity to be personalized by the student. The varieties of foods offered in the cafeteria spark debate based on what students think are good versus the actual nutritional value. “The food is good to eat, but they’re nowhere near good for you to eat,” Devience said.

Lunch is a time for Antioch Community High School students to take a break from their academic schedule and refuel for the rest of the day. This meal is an important time to gain the nutrients needed to learn and the type of lunch food students eat can determine how well the student learns for the rest of their day. The perks of buying food from the cafeteria versus bringing lunch from home is a debatable topic among students.

“I prefer just to bring food from home,” junior Caroline Devience said. “I can bring snacks and other food, so it is just easier.”

Bringing lunch from home may seem more convenient for some students. A personal selection of snacks and a favorite lunch food is more appetizing to some students than the cafeteria menu. On the other hand, others may prefer the convenience of buying lunch at school instead of having to pack it each day. 

“It’s good quality for school lunch,” sophomore Jacob Slabosz said. “It’s actually palatable, real food.”

The quality of the food receives mixed reviews from students and that may be the reason some students buy food and other bring their lunch from home. Another issue brought up by students is the pricing of the items offered. The prices of lunch items are not blatantly placed on products, but it seems as if the warmer items cost much less than the refrigerated items. Home style prices are drastically cheaper than salads, sandwiches and fruit.

“I have not really paid attention to the prices,” freshman Carissa Lozano said. “I know it can add up.”

The ACHS lunch room is a place for all of the different preferences ranging from school bought meals, to a personal variety of food from home. There are perks and downsides to both methods of meal preparation. Convenience and quality is valued among the student body; it is all about finding the food that best fits that criteria.