The opinions on Miss USA and pageants

Miss USA has brought a lot of attention to the organization for possibly showing favoritism throughout the competition. Many of the contestants talk about their experiences and opinions about the competition.


Aaliyah Lizak

Senior Fiona Serifov’s Miss Antioch crown and sash.

Pageants have been going on for decades and have become increasingly popular recently. Many parents sign their children up at a young age, as they think it builds character and competitiveness.

Pageant contestant Abby Jo Foster, who was the first runner-up in Miss USA for Illinois 2022 talks about her experiences and opinions in the pageant industry. Foster has participated in numerous different pageants and competitions. She has been doing pageants since she was a freshman in high school.

“I’m a very competitive person and I love the challenge it gives me each and every year,” Foster said, “I have competed in many different systems where I have showcased my fitness, talent, and speaking abilities.”

Pageants are a great way to earn money and make lifelong friends. Foster talks about the love in the community and how amazing it is to see friends at pageants.

“I am always nervous of course, but mostly excited to get on stage and be reunited with my friends again,” Foster said.

Pageants are a great place for people who want to get out there and experience so many new and open opportunities. Sophomore at Antioch Community High School Abigale Flade has been doing pageants since 2013 in the town of Antioch. Flade loves pageants and the community that happens when girls and women come together. She recommends many to do them.

“Me personally I would absolutely recommend pageants. It is a great opportunity for building friendships, learning public speaking at a young age and even learning how to present yourself in a good way,” Flade said.

Both Foster and Flade love the Miss USA pageant even with the news of the scandal they have. Miss USA has been accused of showing favoritism during the 2022 pageant and it has caused lots of commotion and problems for the organization. Many of the other contestants talk about their experiences and opinions on what they felt during the pageant. The new Miss USA was R’Bonny Gaberial, Gaberial is the first Filipina-American for the organization.

“I think that they think about the organization as a whole and try their best to do what’s best for them and their organization as a whole,” Flade said.

There is an open investigation on whether or not the pageant was rigged or if she was preselected. This investigation has had the organization suspend their pageant organizers from 2022.

“I believe it’s a great organization for women to get involved with to make friends and grow in confidence. There have been alot of uncertainty and opinions lately, but I think every organization has room for growth.” Foster said.

As time passes more contestants express their feelings about the pageant being rigged. This is an ongoing investigation and hopefully, we will get answers on whether or not it was a staged win for Miss USA, R’Bonny Gabriel.