The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Couple Everyone Is Freaking Out About

The couple everyone is talking about from Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t who many may might think.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” came out last December and most fans have already seen it once or twice. Or three or four times. With almost two and a half million followers on Twitter, “Star Wars” has plenty of fans. So when the internet starts shipping a certain couple from “Episode VI”, most know which duo they’re referring to. The chemistry between these two could be described as natural and instantaneous. Some fans say that they could have seen an entire movie starring the two of them. The couple the whole fandom is freaking out about is none other than Finn and Poe.

This couple has had many moments on screen that have left fans breathless. One memorable scene was when Poe, played by Oscar Isaac, gave the name Finn to John Boyega’s character who was previously referred to as FN-2187.

As it turns out, this couple has many fans already with a number of fanfictions and quite a few “ship” names. A “ship” name is the name the fans assign to a couple. The “ship” is short for relationship, and these names are usually the names of the characters mashed together. For this “ship” name, however, fans have taken some creative liberty. Fans can choose between the more popular “StormPilot” or the less used “FinnPoe,” “Foe” or even “Finneron.”

Fans of other pop culture are comparing this duo to Steve and Bucky or “Stucky” from “Captain America”, or even Dean and Castiel from “Supernatural”.

Even fans close to home are behind this couple.

“Foe is a go,” sophomore Samuel Shultz said. “They have fantastic chemistry, right off the bat.”

Hopefully the next installment of this beloved series can answer burning fan questions about the newest couple on the scene.