The struggles of prom dress shopping

As prom approaches, individuals are on the hunt for the perfect dress.


Julia Maton

Macy’s in Gurnee has many variety of colors for the prom dress season.

Beth Kamman, Public Relations Coordinator

There are a number of challenges that approach as prom does. Trying to find the perfect dress while being on a budget, finding a prom date, finding the right heels and trying to figure out hair and makeup as well. Numerous struggles present while searching for the dream dress. 

As many individuals begin to rush to the stores or online stores to find their dress, sizes begin to disappear from stock. Antioch Community High School junior Lillian McKinney ran into some struggles while shopping with her friends. 

The worst part of finding a dress was trying on [dress sizes] that I wanted so badly to fit and be the dress and the shoes, but it turned out to not sit on my body correctly or look exactly how I imagined it to,” McKinney said. 

Finding the perfect size in a dress is difficult due to each dress being made differently. Each dress is made differently and sizing differs as well. McKinney is not the only one who ran into a sizing problem.

Not being able to have the right size that I need is [harder] to find and [with] the right size,” ACHS junior Arlene Pierce said. “If they have my size then I am only limited to a few options.

Prom dress styles and sizes sell out fast, so individuals are in a rush to get their dress as soon as possible. Some dress shops recommended by students are Gipper located in Crystal Lake Ill., Macy’s located in Gurnee, Windsor located in Gurnee, Camille La Vie located in Woodfield, MDM Special Occasion located in Woodfield and Lulu’s which is an online store. Sizing is not the only thing students feel that should change in dress shopping. Many individuals feel that the pricing of the dresses should be lower cost. 

Personally, I think that a reasonable price for a dress is anywhere between $130 and $200,” ACHS junior Hannah Gaydovchik said. “However, I do know girls who spent more than that on their prom dresses, which is understandable as well, it all goes back to preference.”

Some knew they found the perfect dress right away after trying it on. However, finding the perfect accessories became an issue. 

It was a super easy find and was the first dress I picked up,” ACHS junior Julianna Rettig said. “The worst part was finding jewelry for [the dress].”

Prom dress shopping may be a struggle at times, but it is a memorable experience for upperclassmen students. ACHS senior Jordan Mitchell went dress shopping and came out with a positive experience for her senior year. 

“The best part was finding the dress that I felt most confident in,” Mitchell said. “[Prom dress shopping] was such a good feeling to show pictures to all my friends and have them love [the dress] too.

Shopping for a dress has some dreading moments, but it is a memorable moment during high school. Trying on the dream dress, finding the perfect pair of shoes and jewelry will make for a night to never forget.