The Teddy’s Bring This Year’s Theater Program to a Close

The theater department came together one final time to celebrate this year’s achievements

Jason Wood

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May 11, 2018

Celebrity appearances were made by many of the Antioch Community High School theater members at the annual Teddy awards, as well as many of the members of “Footloose”.

The Teddy’s are an award ceremony to recognize the outstanding actors, and behind the scenes workers, who make theater productions possible. However, family is an even more central idea behind the awards, rather than just the physical awards.

Sophomore Jordan DeLara, and winner of the sophomore thespian award, as well as an award for best bit in “And Then There Were None” and in “Alice and Wonderland,” recognizes the main reason for bringing everyone together through the Teddy’s.

“The Teddy’s bring the theater department together by including every single [member] into one night. It makes everyone feel equal and it’s a really cool feeling” said DeLara.

He believes the Teddy’s help give the theater members a way to give a proper goodbye to the seniors in their program.

“I believe we have the Teddy’s to have an official place to say goodbye to seniors and to come together one last time before the year ends, as a family” said DeLara

Throughout the entire ceremony, no matter who won an award, the theater department was truly one big happy family.