Thursday Night Football: Expect The Unexpected

Sequoits were able to stop the stampede.

Brianna Linco, Tom Tom Staff

The night was young and beautiful when the Sequoits took the field. Despite the multitude of storm threats, the Cardinal Crazies were crazy and the football players were pumped. Although it did not rain, the Sequoits poured touchdowns on the Mundelein Mustangs.

To start the night off, junior Griffin Hill set the mood by scoring a kick-off return. This made the game 6-0 in the first quarter. Hill created an impressive lead against Mundelein. 

As Hill scored a second touchdown, senior Alan Taylor made the two point conversion to end the half 14-8.

Within the second half, junior Weston Fox carried the ball inside the five yard line. Scoring four times in one night, Hill added on to the scoreboard to make the game  28-8. With 11 minutes left in the game, Taylor was able to score another touchdown, making the final score to be 35-8.

The biggest plays made by the defense were by senior Brandon Burpo and junior Matt Adams. Burpo recovered a fumble during the second half. Adams, having a nose for the ball, tackled multiple players to the ground in many situations and also had an interception. The entire defense held up the Mustang offense from scoring a touchdown on the three yard line.

While expecting terrible weather, the Sequoits played a fierce game of football. Players were fired up from the start all the way to the end. Thank you to those crazies who supported the players, dancers, cheerleaders, and our band during a Thursday night football game.