TOM TOM LISTS: 10 Fun Things To Do in London

There are many thrilling things to do to get the most out of a London experience.


Melissa Rapp

       1. Collect coins to make the picture

Many people aren’t aware that combining the backs of a one, two, five, ten, twenty and fifty pence pieces forms the royal shield, as seen on the one pound coin. According to the Royal Mint, “The United Kingdom’s latest definitive coin designs were created by Matt Dent in 2008, after a public competition. He created a design based on the Royal shield of arms, but few people realise that you can actually piece together the complete shield design, as seen on the £1 coin, using the other coins, from the 1p to 50p, like a jig-saw!”

2. Have High Tea

have-high-teaMelissa Rapp

When most think of Britain, they think of tea, and tea in London is nothing to scoff at. Usually including finger sandwiches and incredible desserts, this is one activity nobody wants to pass up.

3. Visit MGM Studios

mgm-studiosAlexandra Rapp

Although not technically in London, the “Harry Potter” sets and props are a sight to behold. Universal Studios is one thing, but the things housed here were all actually used in the movies rather than just being copies.

“It sounds like a lot of fun with a lot of cool things,” said junior Roman Sherman. “It would be interesting to see.”

4. Visit the London Eye and Big Ben

london-eyeMelissa Rapp

big-benMelissa Rapp

Just a short walk away from each other, these are two iconic landmarks that nobody can pass up. According to Today I Found Out, “Big Ben” isn’t the clock tower itself, but the bell inside.

5.  Visit Hamley’s Toy Store and Harrods

hamleys__1478287773_107-1-90-170Alexandra Rapp

For the world traveler more into shopping: the world’s largest toy store and a department store famous the world over. Hamley’s boasts eight stories of all different toys for kids of all ages as well as other attractions. Harrods, on the other hand, is a gargantuan department store complete with a food court and coffee and chocolate shop.

6. Go to the Sherlock Holmes Pub

sherlock-holmesAlexandra Rapp

Some fans contest that this place is even better than the actual Sherlock Holmes museum. They serve food from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and give free wifi to customers. The best and most unique part of this pub, however, is the meticulously detailed recreation of apartment 221B on the top floor.

7. Visit the Tower of London and the London Bridge

tower-bridgeAlexandra Rapp

Two landmarks just a brief walk away, these are a recognizable symbol of London itself. Included at the Tower of London are the Crown Jewels, the Hall of Kings, the ravens, and a long and fascinating history.

8. Go to the Globe Theatre

globe-theatreAlexandra Rapp

Actually the third Globe since Shakespeare’s original Theatre, this theatre was built without power tools and using mostly the same materials as the original Globe Theatre.

9. Find the Borough Market

borough-marketMelissa Rapp

This outdoor market is a hive of activity centered around food stalls and small shops. If anyone is looking for homemade meat pies in London, this is the place to be.

10. Visit the British Museum

british-museum-2Alexandra Rapp

Housing such artifacts as the Rosetta Stone, the British museum is the perfect example of ancient majesty. The museum has pieces of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (an ancient wonder of the world), The Parthenon, and ancient Greek artifacts.