Top Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes

    Halloween is quickly approaching and these five ideas can help people in a pinch.

    Plenty of people find themselves in a crunch when they need a last minute costume that doesn’t look completely ridiculous. Lucky for them, there are great ideas out there for everyone.

    Emoji- Find a yellow t-shirt, or a sweatshirt if it’s cold outside, and search for an image of a fun emoji face. Once the desired emoji is found, all one has to do is print it out and tape it to the yellow shirt to become an emoji.

    Twister- This next costume takes a little bit more time, but is still something that can be done when one doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare. First one will need a plain white t-shirt and from there they will need to color circles with either markers or paint to create a Twister board.

    Identity Thief- For this costume the individual should try to wear all black clothing. The next step is to either purchase or print “Hello my name is,” stickers and fill in the names. After all the names are filled in, the person can tape them to themselves, and then they have become an identity thief.

    Jack o’ Lantern- Put on the brightest orange shirt around and use black construction paper to cut out the pumpkin’s face. Then simply tape the black cut out pieces onto the orange shirt.

    Ghost- One final option is to go with a classic that has proven to withstand the testaments of time. Find a plain white sheet and simply drape it over oneself. This classic is easy to find and it never fails to make a great costume.

    For sophomore Kaylee Griffin, her favorite costume was being a waitress from the 50s.

    “My grandmother was able to sew a poodle onto a pink skirt for me and I found plastic foods to carry on a metal tray,” Griffin said. “My best friend and I went in matching outfits, making the experience better.”