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Emily Higgins

Principal Eric Hamilton defines a sequoit by continuing the many traditions Antioch has to offer. By attending events and extracurricular activities, it offers students to leave their mark on the school while getting involved. ”I look at the tenants of respect, responsibility and pride, and I think that encapsulates a lot of it,” Hamilton said. “You have respect for the past and respect for what you’re currently doing.”

Upholding Traditions

Eric Hamilton is the principal at ACHS. To him, being a sequoit means keeping up with traditions while also making your own. 

“You’re really formed by this history, yet you are also trying to blaze your own trail and trying to make your own memories and traditions,” Hamilton said. 

ACHS has many forms of showing their history, including the wall of outstanding students that date back before the sixties. Students can make their own traditions by attending school events such as dancing with your friends at homecoming or sports games. 

“You’re responsible for the success of this school, yet you also have a responsibility to those before [you] and those that will come in the future.”

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