Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Don't forget that special someone this Valentine's Day.


Photo by Nathan Formella.

Nathan Formella and Jordan Staten

Every year, Feb. 14 is a day full of love, emotion and celebration. Couples spend time together, friends show love toward each other and affection is spread world wide.

Despite the reputation of a holiday filled with love, it seems as though in recent year Valentine’s Day is filled with less and less love. Couples aren’t showing as much care for the holiday and the importance and fun is being drained from this once so spectacular day.

Dates, flowers, surprises and special memories should be brought back on such a wonderful day. Valentine’s Day should meet the expectations of what it used to be, a day to remember.

Here are some ideas for this holiday weekend.

1. A Day At The Spa

Spend the day getting pampered with the one you love most. Massages, facials and saunas are all great ways to get close and release stress and feel relaxed. Although it may be somewhat costly, going to the spa is a great way to bond and also benefit while doing it. Reap the benefits and feel rejuvenated on Valentine’s Day.

2. Make Dinner At Home

Stay comfy and cozy at home, but add a touch of elegance. There’s no need to spend a lot of money this holiday. Class it up a bit and stay at home while still having a fancy dinner. Use nice silver wear and candles for a fancier touch. Get that special someone flowers and write a hand written card to make them feel more special than ever. A homemade romantic dinner is the perfect date for saving money and having a great Valentine’s Day at the same time.

3. A Night On The Town

Spend a day in the city with a loved one. Take the train or drive to the city. Plan out a fun adventure and surprise the date with every event. Some ideas are dinner, window shopping, taking pictures, the aquarium or a museum. Memories in the city are memories that won’t be forgotten.

4. A Day Of Fun Activities

Go out and enjoy the day. There are a numerous amount of activities to do on an adventurous date. Go out and spend time doing different activities such as laser tag, a scavenger hunt or ice skating. Let imagination run free and make memories that will last forever.

5. Relaxing Movie Night

Popcorn, candy, and a movie is all that is needed for this simple Valentine’s night. Both partners can just sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Watch a comedy, an action film or a cheesy romantic movie to complete a wonderful day.

No matter what it may be, make this Valentine’s Day one to remember, Sequoits.