Village Cancels Easter

The Village of Antioch is forced to cut Easter to provide for other services.


The Village of Antioch has hosted the annual Easter Parade and Easter Egg Hunt for many years, to kick off the beginning of Spring while celebrating Easter. The residents of Antioch have enjoyed the Easter celebration for a numerous amount of years, but sadly the annual tradition has came to an end.

The reason for the cancellation of Easter is due to revenue problems. The Village is dealing with other costs to help improve the town and provide for the residents of Antioch. The cost that would normally cover the Easter budget is being put toward EMS services. The funds that are providing for EMS services right now will not be sustainable for much longer, making the Village decide on what activities to cut. They made the tough decision and cut spending on some activities and programs including the Easter Parade and Easter Egg Hunt. The Village hopes to return to there annual activities as soon as possible.

Antioch Village Trustee, Mary Dominiak said, “If the EMS/Ambulance property tax is approved by the voters, that will help the overall Village budget, and we can add back some of the things that were cut.”

There is good news for the Village though and that is that many people and businesses in the community have stepped up to support an Easter Egg Hunt.

Dominiak said, “Maybe the future is bright and the people will help support these types of activities in the future.”

Though the long lasting tradition comes to an end, Easter will still be celebrated in someway thanks to the local businesses and the people of Antioch.