Volleyball Dominates the Court

The varsity volleyball team beats Richmond Burton in two matches in Monday night’s game.


Kaylee Schreiner

Seniors Katherine Barr and Kennedy Moll move the ball through the front row to get a kill on offense.

The girls varsity volleyball team won their game against Richmond Burton on Monday, August 28. The Sequoits ended the game with 6 blocks made by senior Katherine Barr and 11 kills from senior Amanda Rowe, allowing the team to win the game in two matches. The Sequoits came out on top with a score of 25-15 in the first match and 25-23 in the second match.

“I feel like I could have communicated better with my team so we wouldn’t have had any mistakes on the court,” senior Skylar Loos said.

By working hard and giving all of their effort, the girls volleyball team was able to move forward and beat Richmond Burton in two matches. However, in the future Loos hopes that they will not make as many mistakes and continue to dominate on the court.