Weekly Coloring Page: Colorful Cats

This coloring page is a "purr-fect" solution to add excitement to a dull day.

Notably one of the most adored domestic species, the common house cat has captured house pests and our hearts for centuries. Express the love and admiration of these animals with this hand-drawn coloring page, made specially for the cat lovers of the world.

Senior Regan Penn and junior Shelby Purcell both enjoy the soothing style that coloring provides. Coloring is a clean slate for creativity. Each interpretation of this coloring page is unique and captures the imagination of its creator. Penn’s interpretation of this piece will be likely to contain vibrant colors that express her own personality.

“I like the colors, especially blue and green, because they’re relaxing,” Penn said.

Purcell isn’t much into coloring, but she still finds it to be an interesting pastime on a slow day.

“If it’s a cool design, I’d want to color it when I’m bored,” Purcell said.

For more free cat coloring pages, check out http://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/mammals/cats.