What Does it Mean to Be a Sequoit?

It seems common among the ACHS student body that three words embody the answer to this question.

What Does it Mean to Be a Sequoit?

Nicholas Dorosan, Digital Director

“To be a Sequoit means to be the puzzle piece to a larger picture and even larger family. It also means to be unique, diverse, and open-minded to new things,” senior Kasandra Lochhead said.

“To be proud of your school and work hard,” said sophomore Regan Penn.

“To be a Sequoit means to be respectful, responsible and humble, but proud, of the school,” said junior Gregory Horton.

“Being proud of our school’s accomplishments and respectful of other students’ opinions and place in the student body,”  junior Alicia Vasquez said.

“PRIDE,” junior Kennedy Hettlinger, the portrayer of the newest Sequoit mascot, the archer, said.