What Is Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Insidious, the Conjuring and Paranormal Activity are all great choices, but what is your all-time favorite scary movie?

Chris Bedolla, Tom Tom Staff

Horror catches the eyes of many people all around the world. It seems as though scary movies are great entertainment and a great money maker in the film industry. Scary movies are popular in all four seasons, but it seems that the fall season before and after Halloween is when most critically acclaimed horror movies are shown in theaters (even years after their release date) along with a plethora of new thrillers. Horror is a suspense that could frighten someone to death, but they keep wanting more because the suspense excites them.

“My favorite scary movies would have to be the ‘Insidious’ movies. I really like the series,” said Antioch Community High School senior Romelo Catalan. “I like scary movies because they invoke a sense of thrill that gives me shivers that travel down my back and make me want to watch scary movies more and more as more parts of the series come out.”

Here are some more of ACHS student’s favorites:

Ashley Ruth, junior: “Annabelle.”

Kenny Grenke, junior: “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Tyler Thornton, junior: “Insidious 2.”

Ryan Monaco, junior: “It.”

Julio Ramirez, senior: “Insidious 2.”

Hugo Flores, junior: “The Conjuring.”