Why “13 Reasons Why” Is an Important Series

The Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why”, quickly became one of the most talked about shows, but it also holds very important messages for teens.

Released on March 31, “13 Reasons Why” has quickly risen to popularity on Netflix; the series quickly become one of the most talked about TV shows on the internet. Based on the book by author Jay Asher, a bestseller for young adults, the series touches on what happens when bullying, sexting, betraying friendships, rumors, and the loneliness of high school becomes too much for Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) to handle, who ultimately takes her own life.

However, Hannah doesn’t leave without naming names. Her suicide note is in the form of audio recordings on cassette tapes, where she recounts who and what led her to fall into a pit of despair and hopelessness. These were her 13 reasons why she decided to end her life, and every person mentioned on those tapes has heard them. The finger pointing leads to a frenzy of alliances and friends turning on each other. This all occurs from the perspective of Clay Jensen, the eleventh reason why. Played by Dylan Minnette, Clay is not only the slowest one to listen to the tapes but he is also the one person who is unaware of what he did that hurt Hannah.

 Every single person mentioned on the tapes had a chance to save Hannah from herself: her parents, portrayed by Kate Walsh and Brian d’Arcy James, were too caught up in money and keeping their pharmacy running to notice any warning signs. Even in the aftermath of her death, students and teachers were too busy thinking how they didn’t see this coming to see what was brewing within the student body.

“13 Reasons Why” also shows how words really do hurt. Everything that students did or said to Hannah led her to her final decision. Every so called ‘harmless rumor’, can really damage a person when everyone around them believes it and doesn’t take the time to learn the truth. 

Before its national appearance, the show became a hit at Antioch Community High School. Last month the drama department put on a production of the book, performed behind leads Sandra Coleman and Cole Connelly. “13 Reasons Why” has brought more light to a subject that shouldn’t be ignored. Many viewers have started to think about how likely someone could be struggling like Hannah Baker was, and that the subject shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“It sends the message that words and actions do hurt,” junior Mary Cook said. “Not everyone knows what’s actually going on in someone’s life.”