You’re Hot Or You’re Cold

Sequoits have the option to eat from the cafeteria or bring their own food from home.

Kayla Grenke

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Sierra Ward

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Lunch time

Once third hour passes, one third of the student body has lunch. As students walk into the commons and cafeteria, some are holding their ID while others are carrying their lunch boxes. Although Antioch Community High School is known for their stuffed cheese pizza, fries and cotton candy flavored Faygo, some students prefer their parent’s homemade sandwich with the crust cut off with a bag of chips and fruit cup. Whether one chooses to bring their lunch from home or get it fresh from the cafe, most Sequoits prefer one over the other.

I’ll Take Cheese Please

Some students live off of hot lunches because it’s easier than carrying around a lunchbox all school day. Everyday something new is being offered and the cost is cheaper than going out to most restaurants.

“I️ [choose] hot lunch because I️ always wake up late and don’t have time to back my own lunch,” freshman Erica Mehring said. “They’re a wide variety to choose from and there’s something for everyone.”

Can you please pack an extra bag of chips

Some students like their own lunch because they always know what they’ll be eating for the day. It can be easier than spending money on a pizza one may or may not like. Their lunch can be leftovers from last night’s dinner or their favorite snacks from home.

“I’ve been taking cold lunch since I️ was in kindergarten,” junior Megan Lawrence said. “I️ always feel gross after eating hot lunch so I️ prefer to pack my own.”

Food is food

No matter what one chooses to eat for lunch, time in the lunch room should be dedicated to relaxing and talking to peers. It does not matter whether one brings food from home or eats from the cafeteria, as long as everyone is happily eating.