10 Things To Know For Sports, December 12

10 Things To Know For Sports, December 12
  1. The cheer team had their first competition of their season on Sunday, December 11 at Rockford (Guilford) High School. Unfortunately due to weather conditions, it was cancelled. Their next competition is scheduled for Saturday, December 17 at Rolling Meadows High School.
  2. However, the snow was not a problem for the dance team as they travelled to Stevenson High School on Sunday, December 11. The girls placed 12 out of 20 teams, and improved their score since their last competition. Their next competition will be held on January 8, at Huntley High School.
  3. The boys basketball team went head-to-head with Grayslake Central on Saturday, December 10. They came up short with a final score of 56-46 making their record 2-5. Their next game is on December 22, in the Marengo Invitational, at Marengo High School.
  4. The girls basketball team came out victorious against the Grant Bulldogs on Saturday, December 10. The final score was 56-30, improving their record to 7-2. Their next game is scheduled for December 27 at Lisle High School.
  5. The Sequoit Sidekicks had their annual basketball game this Saturday, December 10. The white team came out victorious with a final score of 8-6.
  6. Lamar Jackson, sophomore at Louisville University, is the youngest athlete to win the Heisman Trophy at 19. Jackson has accumulated 51 touchdowns and 4,928 yards of total offense.
  7. With the NFL regular season coming to a close, Fantasy Football playoffs are just beginning. Tension is high among league members competing for the number one spot within their own personal or national league.
  8. Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, injured his right calf on a 66 yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams while competing against the Seattle Seahawks. Rodgers has not confirmed whether or not he will be playing this Sunday, December 18, against long-time rivals the Chicago Bears.
  9. LeBron James made NBA history, once again, on Friday, December 9. He was one of the top scorers against the Heat, clenching a 114-84 win, and taking Elvin Hayes’ 9th place spot in a ranking of the all-time top scorers.
  10. The NBA decided to deny the Toronto Raptors’ protest of their loss to the Sacramento Kings back on November 20, 2016. They decided that calling for an instant replay was consistent with the rules because there was a clock malfunction on the play.