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10 Things You Need to Know: February 10-14


3 West Side School Students Hospitalized After Overdosing

Three students were hospitalized after consuming edibles that potentially contained THC on February 12. Chicago Fire Dispatch received a call from the 4900 block of South Archer Avenue, around 12:30 p.m., with reports of multiple overdoses, according to local news WGN. All students that received care were transported in good condition to the hospitals, while one student that also ingested the food refused treatment and was picked up by a parent. The ages range from fourteen to fifteen years old, including both boys and girls.

14 Arrested in Sting at Gurnee Hotel

On February 5, 2020, 14 men were arrested after law enforcement planned a multi-day operation. This group was based online and used the Internet to find prostitutes, according to WGN. There were undercover detectives that met up with the suspects. They then proceeded to offer money in exchange for sexual acts to the detectives. This led to them being arrested and taken to the Lake County jail. One of the criminals was Timothy Christian, a former basketball coach at Antioch Community High School. He was just one of the many men that were found guilty of prostitution and human trafficking.

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An Iceberg Two Times the Size of Washington DC Breaks Off the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica

Scientists reported that an iceberg two times the size of the area of Washington DC broke off Pine Island glacier in Antarctica. According to news magazine USA Today, the glacier has been losing its mass over a time span of three years, while natural ‘carving’ of the glacier occurs every four to six years. The glacier is losing ice at what seems to be an alarming rate, with 58 billion tons of ice being lost per year, over the past eight years. Researchers claim that the glacier is responding to climate change ‘dramatically’, making it both terrifying and beautiful at once.

Chicago’s Next Polar Vortex is Here

In 2019, Chicago had a polar vortex, which is when Arctic air dislodges and comes down south. This month, according to the Chicago Tribune, 90 million Americans will be forced to withstand temperatures at or below zero. The Arctic is warming at a rate two times as fast as all other continents. Because it is getting warmer, it is weakening the the polar vortex and causing it to come down to the midwest. Some scientists have found that a main cause of this is global warming, but that has yet to be proven as fact.

Coronavirus Receives Official Name of Covid-19

The coronavirus that has been spreading throughout the world in late 2019 and early 2020, receives an official name, Covid-19. According to Forbes Magazine, the World Health Organization leader, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the name was given to fray away from using geographical locations, animals, or groups of people as the name for the disease. The WHO stresses the importance of having an official name for a disease, to prevent the use of stigmatizing and inaccurate names, for example, the flu of 1918 was called the Spanish flu by most people.

Democratic Candidate Drops Presidential Race

Andrew Yang has been running for the seat in the white house alongside many others. One factor that puts him apart from these other democrats is that he has yet to have any political experience before the race. According to the New York Times, he was an entrepreneur that promoted universal, basic income for all Americans. The end of Yang’s campaign came after a week of him not getting any delegates in Iowa, an important indicator of who will make it to the primaries. On February 11 Yang decided not to get any more donations because he knew that he would not win the presidential election.

FBI Begins Search for a 6-year-old girl Who Went Missing After Getting Off of School Bus

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has begun a search for a little girl from South Carolina who has been missing for three days after being taken from the front yard of her house. According to CBS News, police have spread out across the area to search for Faye Svetlik. Police have yet to issue an amber alert until they are able to rule out the thought of the girl accidentally wandering off into the woods while playing. The FBI and police have released an anonymous tip line, for anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Faye Svetlik.

Jussie Smollett Facing New Charges

The former “Empire” star has been dealing with legal battles for over a year. Actor Jessie Smollett claimed that he was attacked by two men outside of a Subway on January 29, 2019. BBC reports that Smollet was held down while a rope was put around his neck and an unknown substance was poured over him. This has since then been proven false and he has been charged with six counts of lying to law enforcement. It has been said by some police that Smollett planned this “racist” and “homophobic” attack on himself to gain publicity.

Trump’s Revenge After Impeachment Trial

President Donald Trump was acquitted of all charges at the Senate after being impeached by the House of Representatives. This leaves him still in office, The New York Times found that it also found him feeling traits of anger towards some government officials. Colonel Vindman, a White House ambassador and four career prosecutors left the case. While the colonel and the ambassador were dismissed from their positions after testifying against Trump, the prosecutors quit the case after some Justice Department officials intervened on behalf of a friend of his.

US Charges Huawei Technology Co. With Racketeering Among Other Charges

Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei, is facing charges of racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets on Thursday, February 13. According to British newscast, BBC, prosecutors said that the company violated partnership terms with United States companies and allegedly stole their trade secrets- specifically source codes and robot technology. Huawei reportedly stole technology from American phone company T-mobile, although the company denies any claims against them. The big Chinese company claims that the US is targeting them because they are expanding and that could be a possible threat to American companies.


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