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Antioch’s take on the Super Bowl

Antioch Community High School students give their predictions on how the ‘24 Super Bowl will play out.
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The Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event in America. Each year, this event generates millions of views, as people can watch the two best NFL teams of the year battle it out in a head-to-head matchup. At the start of every football season, 32 teams are given the chance to win the Lombardi Trophy, but only one can claim it.

Currently, in the NFL playoffs, the last teams standing are the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. It has been apparent for months that these two teams were most likely to battle in the Super Bowl. Throughout the 2023-2024 season, both teams have had great success. The 49ers ended with a record of (12-5) obtaining the number one overall seed in the National Football Conference (NFC). Along with this, the Chiefs have a record of (11-6) which granted them the number three seed in the American Football Conference (AFC).

Much like adolescents worldwide, Antioch Community High School students are incredibly interested in the Super Bowl. With this being said, many students make predictions on how this year’s Super Bowl will unfold. 

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Junior, Michael Titus has his own theory about how the Super Bowl will play out on Sunday, Feb. 11.

“I believe that the 49ers will win against the Chiefs with the final score being 31-30,” Titus said. “It’s going to be an even matchup because although both teams have great defenses, their offenses are even better.” 

ESPN backs up Titus’ statement as the Chiefs and 49ers are ranked in the top ten for offensive performance and the top eight for defense this year. However, not everyone has the same prediction as Titus. Senior, James Healy believes Kansas City will win considerably over the San Franciso 49ers, 34-17.

“The best team all around is KC, the offense is of course great, and Coach Spags will have KC’s defense ready to roll,” Healy said. “I think that KC is playing their best ball right now and it is very hard to bet against Mahomes and Andy Reid in the postseason.”

It is challenging to argue with what Healy said, as the Chiefs postseason record in the last four years is (13-2). Come Super Bowl Sunday the Chiefs will look to add another Super Bowl championship to their recent playoff record. Another student alongside Healy has a similar score prediction.

Junior, Jackson Mozina believes that the Chiefs will gain their third Super Bowl title in the span of five years, with a final score of 33-17. He is very confident that the Chiefs will dominate the 49ers come Super Bowl Sunday. However, Mozina does not only watch the game for the great matchup.

“I’m a big commercial guy and I also like betting on these games,” Mozina said. 

In recent years Super Bowl commercials have become a major part of game day; some might even say they are equally as important and entertaining as the game itself. Many ACHS students, like Mozina, look forward to seeing the entertaining ads. So much so that the week after the game takes place, the commercial breaks are the only thing being talked about.

The Sequoits are known to be Super Bowl-obsessed as they predict game outcomes and relive the commercial breaks weeks after they occur. To see whose prediction was accurate tune in on Feb.11, to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers.

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