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Here is what to look for in ‘24

With a new year there will be new music, here is what is coming or maybe coming in 2024.
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2024 appears to be a massive year for new music from artists varying from Ariana Grande to Playboi Carti and Ye. There is an enormous variety of music across all genres officially that is announced and not so officially announced yet. Here is what Antioch Community High School students are most excited about and what might just be some of the largest releases of the 2024. 

Confirmed Music

There are hundreds of albums confirmed to be coming out in 2024. Here is what may be the biggest:

Alternative/Indie, “Loss of Life” by MGMT. This is MGMT’s first album since November of 2022. “Loss of Life” will feature 10 new tracks and is MGMT’s seventh studio album.

R&B/Pop, “Eternal Sunshine” by Ariana Grande. This will be Grande’s seventh studio album, there is not much known about the album but fans have big expectations as it will be Grande’s first since “Positions” in October 2020. Grande has also already released a single from “Eternal Sunshine.”

Chicago Rap, “Star Line Gallery” by Chance the Rapper. This will be Chance’s fifth studio album and first since “The Big Day” in July 2019. It has features from artists such as Childish Gambino and Joey Bada$$. This is massive as Chance the Rapper has been largely absent from the music scene for years now.

Country/Folk, “Son of the Mountains” by Brad Paisley. “Son of the Mountains” is expected to be an extension of Paisley’s EP under the same name and will be Paisley’s 14th studio album and first since April 2017.

Pop/Folk, “The Tortured Poets Department” by Taylor Swift. “The Tortured Poets Department” will be Swifts 11th original studio album. This album was announced at the Grammys and will likely be one the biggest releases of the year, if not one of the biggest album releases ever.

Unconfirmed Music

Drill Rap, “2093” by Yeat. “2093” will be Yeats’s fifth studio album and is highly anticipated as a “coming of age album.” Yeat has been advertising the album with projections of the album title on famous world landmarks. 

Philly Rap, “Luv is Rage 3” by Lil Uzi Vert. “Luv is Rage 3” will be the third album in the Luv is Rage trilogy and Lil Uzi Vert has stated this will be his last album before retirement at the age of 28.

Rap, “Vultures” by Ye and Ty $ign. “Vultures” is a highly anticipated and highly controversial album that has been having trouble clearing samples before its release. 

Rap, “Music” by Playboi Carti. “Music” will be Carti’s third studio album and is rumored to be more experimental than his previous albums moving away from his familiar sound. This sound normally consists of countless adlibs and sometimes screaming.

Lyrical Rap, “Child of Wolves” by Baby Keem. “Child of Wolves” is set to be Baby Keem’s first release since the Melodic Blue, one of the most critically acclaimed rap albums of all time. It is expected the album will feature artists like Kendrick Lamar and several others.

Metro Boomin Collaborations. Metro Boomin has made reference to and stated that he will be releasing several albums both independently and with other artists throughout 2024. Only a little is known about these projects other than Boomin will begin working on them after he finishes playing “Spider-Man Two.”

Lyrical Rap, “Forever and a Day” by J.I.D. After J.I.D. released “The Forever Story,” fans have been begging for new music, as the album was nominated for several awards and held to great esteem by various other artists and critics. Not much is known about the album besides its name.

If everything pans out, 2024 is looking to be a massive year for music. With several A-list artists releasing this year and some even calling it quits after this last hoorah fans such as senior Spencer Wood a frequent concert and festival goer are more excited than ever.

“Everyone has been waiting and hearing all the hype around Kanye releasing his new album Vultures,” Wood said. “Also Playboi Carti Because he only has a few albums and it’s been around five years.”

This feeling is expressed by many music fans as many of these artists potentially coming to the end of their careers have been teasing albums for months and fans such as Wood are growing anxious. Overall, music fans should stay on high alert for all the new music of 2024.

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