Cubs Continue in Strong Season

Chicago baseball team carries on with wins over rivals.


Associated Press

With the Cubs beating the Cardinals Tuesday’s battle, they improve their record to 11-3 making them the number one team in the MLB. It was close throughout the whole game defense was stopping everything on both sides of the ball, but the Cubs managed to pull away with the win.

“I was kind of nervous watching this game,” junior Kevin Vettese said. “The Cardinals are our biggest rival. I really wanted the Cubs to win this game, and once I saw Jason Heyward‘s throw from right field, I felt pretty confident that we would win.”

With Heyward’s long throw from right field to tag the runner, the score stayed 1-0 Cardinals up.

“With that throw he won us the game,” Cubs catcher Miguel Montero said on Twitter.

Soon a surprise hit from pitcher Jason Hammel allowed two runs in for the Cubs the take the win.

“I just swung and made contact, and it went it a fair direction allowing those two runs to come in,” Hammel said to ESPN. “I was not expecting it — I just took off to first surprised at my hit.”

To add to the team’s success, pitcher Jake Arrieta threw his second no-hitter in a span of 11 regular-season starts. His pitching resulted in a 16-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds, giving the Cubs a 3-0 season.

“Regardless of how long it took or what I had to go through to get there, I had visualizations of throwing no-hitters or throwing shutouts,” Arrieta told the Chicago Tribune. “It’s starting to happen for me, and I don’t take any of it for granted.”