A Legacy Continued

Even after great success there is still time to reflect and improve on future experiences.


Much like high school, journalism is all about finding your place. It’s about finding what you’re interested in and taking that to the next level. Last magazine, I talked about how the staff from five years ago had to restart a legacy. This magazine, continuing my goal to honor the staffs previous to me, the staff from four years ago had to go through and figure out the dynamics of the class. They had to discover themselves and train the staff in order to truly start and continue the legacy that they were introduced to the year previous.

I guess you could say that my staff is a mix of the staffs from four and five years ago. We’re trying to restart a legacy, teach new skills and reteach old ideas and improve the class overall. I think that rebuilding a legacy and finding your place describes my goal for this year. Everyone is trying to show their strengths and growing from their weaknesses. We all know what we have to do this year: almost exactly what the staff did four years ago. We need to figure out where everyone belongs and how everyone works with one another.

Journalism is a team sport—sometimes you work alone, other times you’re working with others and learning how to improve. In the Tom Tom, we all work with one another in order to get better. This goes along with finding your place as well because the staff is so diverse. We learn from one another and we improve from one another. The staff from four years ago, had to experience the same things. This year, we’re creating our own legacy and finding our place, just like them. In that same vein, this magazine is a matter of reflection and perspective. Not just this note, but also with the content that you will be reading.

In this magazine, you will find that our staff is starting to fall into place. You will see stories about the Brett Kavanaugh case and how it is affecting society in “Kavanaugh, #MeToo: Politics Vs. Media,” by junior editor Madisen Krapf. Tom Tom staffer Kaitlyn Howe writes about Seasonal Affective Disorder and how it affects people in “Sad to See the Seasons Go” Junior editors Emily Higgins and Mollie Wagner discuss the impact that the Sequoit Sidekicks have had on them. In the first feature of the magazine, Tom Tom staffer Bridget Nauman talks about how this generation has lost some of the basic ideals that were staples of the past generations. Tom Tom staffer Rilee Schreiner writes about what it means to be a hero, even if they don’t have a cape. As always, thank you for reading this magazine—we hope that the stories included in this magazine, where people found their place, allows you to find a place of your own.