Once Upon A Dream

The greatest fairytales are all right here in Antioch Ill.


Not all fairy tales have a happy ending, but people still feel the need to search for one. We all want a fairytale to feel like, well, a fairy tale. Throughout my year of being the Editor-in-Chief, I have felt like I have been in a constant fantasy. There have been many ups and downs that have resulted in a roller coaster of feelings, yet I am still looking for my staff and I’s happy ending. Through all of the changes and all of the struggles, my staff and I are still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though my staff and I may not get our happy ever after, we did learn a lot from our fairytale. We learned about ourselves and each other.

These “dreamy” stories teach us to feel a certain way. They teach us that your true love’s kiss is waiting for you. They teach us that the evil queen won’t always win. Even with triumphs, they teach us that hardships must come in order to achieve that fairy tale ending we all crave. This year, my staff has gone through our own modern version of these stories. We have struggled, we have tried new things in order to improve. We have done just about everything to get our happy ending.

Fairy tales can always be found in the simplest of situations. Whether it be finding your Prince Charming, eating a poisonous apple, or falling down the rabbit hole, there is a fairy tale somewhere. Society can sometimes find these stories hard to relate to, however, my staff took on the challenge of forcing people to see the modern version of these fantasies that people write themselves.

Going along with our theme for this semester, we decided that we wanted to create a What It Feels Like magazine about fairytales. We took the main ideas from each of these stories and found a way to relate it to our small town of Antioch. Some of these stories embody the idea that not everyone can have a cheery ending, while others hone in on the idea that people will always try to find the happy ever after in their lives. Our goal with this magazine was for people to be able to relate to some fairy tales that they may not have before. We wanted people to see the more modern components of these historical stories.

We hope you see that these stories are coming to life in this magazine through many different ways. Whether or not you learn anything from these stories, you can still see how others experiences have been. Through this magazine, we hope that you find what it feels like to be living your own version of a fairy tale.