A Legacy Lived is Earned

As time passes, change becomes important to be sure that what once was is even better than before.


When I think of a legacy, I think of someone or something that has made an impact. The 2013-2014 Tom Tom staff had the opportunity five years ago to reinvent a tradition and restart a legacy that would live on for years after them; however, I can’t help but to think that those years have ended and it’s time to start fresh all over again.

That staff from five years ago paved a path of excellence for the staffs that would follow and my staff hopes to do the same. I watched the program since I arrived as a freshman, when I joined as a sophomore and when I first led as a junior; I saw the most original versions of people and got to see them come alive in color. Now it’s time for my staff to create their own originality in their own colors. Personally, I’m excited to start this journey of recreating the Tom Tom’s dynamic. To me, change is good and I am intrigued to see what my staff can start as their own legacy, while still also honoring the one that gave us the opportunities we have today.

As you may notice, the past three years the Tom Tom presented thematic magazines; however, our new legacy is to go back to the old. Kind of ironic how that works, but, again, change is good. This year, we have decided to go back and hyper focus on bringing hard news and lifestyles pieces to the Antioch community. This version of the Tom Tom doesn’t want to lose sight of the legacy that we were brought up in, but, instead, we want to remember where we came from and build from it. For me, rebuilding what I know to be my comfort place is scary, but, much more than that, it’s also exhilarating. The Tom Tom is a family, and just like any other family dynamic, we grow together and learn from one another. We take on challenges together and stand up for one another when needed.

While this is an unpredictable year, it is exciting and nostalgic both at the same time. Going back to the old is a new way to start a legacy, but it is all a part of growth. For this first magazine, we are primarily introducing you to what the Tom Tom will be this year. The staff, as a whole, wanted to reintroduce themselves and show what they will be producing for the remainder of the magazines this year.

In this magazine, you can find a variety of topics ranging from stories about caffeine addiction and how it affects you in “Hyped up on Caffeine,” by staffer Kara Galarneau, to a story about school spirit and what students can do to be more involved in “School Spirit is in Danger,” by junior editor Alex Johnson. Staffer Jacob Leitza gives advice and tips on memorizing lines for plays, musicals and more in “Memorizing in Between The Lines.” In the first feature of this magazine, assistant print director Joey Kestian and junior editor Joy Crawford tackle the task of giving voices to the “faceless” people of our small little town. Creative director Aliya Rhodes discusses the dynamic between those who sit alone at lunch and those who sit with others. And staffer Katie Howe closes out that section by looking at what “normal” actually means. Thank you for reading this magazine, we hope you enjoy. We also would like to welcome you to the next chapter in what is the legacy of the Tom Tom.