A Look Inside the Life of Gianna Riforgiato

Riforgiato is a coming in as a junior with varsity experience and plans to lead the sequoits to victory.


Riforgiato leads her offense down the court looking to extend their lead

An athlete’s junior year is looked at as a crucial year to boost them into one last successful season with their program. Junior point guard Gianna Riforgiato already has two years under her belt on the varsity team, and is looking to improve her game even more before she plays her final season as a Sequoit. One of the toughest obstacles to overcome as a varsity athlete is feeling accustomed to the big stage. Being thrown under the bright lights as a freshman helped Riforgiato become used to the pace and the pressure of playing with upperclassmen.

“It helped me grow as a player,” Riforgiato said. “The other girls helped me a lot and taught me how to hold my own while playing up. It helped me learn things I never knew and it helped me learn how to deal with a lot of pressure.”

It’s a strategy demonstrated by many coaches. Bringing up underclassmen to get used to the speed that the game is played at when it comes to the varsity level. It’s being shown all over the school as a method worth trying. Freshman Jordan Devaughn found himself with some playing time in crucial moments in a conference game against Grayslake Central and knocked down some big threes.

Riforgiato has grinded these past two years and now is nearing her end as a Sequoit with the remainder of this season and then wrapping it all up with her senior season. Playing basketball with her friends in high school are some memories she will have for the rest of her life and she’s living in the moment right now. Graduating in 2021, Riforgiato and many other athletes will leave behind their legacy as Sequoit basketball players. One of the most important team mates to Riforgiato is junior Hailey Webb.

“She always hyped me up,” Riforgiato said. “Whenever I make a good play or a good pass, she’s the first one to high-five me or say good job.”

The dynamic duo between Riforgiato and Webb is something special that the two of them are going to remember for the rest of their lives. The moments they create today are being made to be cherished for a million tomorrows to come. Webb is no stranger to the varsity setting either, They have both been up playing with varsity since their freshman year.

“We have been playing together on varsity since freshman year,” Webb said. “We have that bond from little freshmen to leaders on the team now. I think G and I do a good job at picking each other up and hyping everyone up to our fullest potential.”

Webb has nothing but positive things to say about her long time teammate. Another reliable source when it comes to digging into the life of Riforgiato is her brother. Gianna’s brother Gino Riforgiato plays lacrosse at the University of St. Leo in Florida and came up through the lacrosse program in Antioch. They grew up together and share a very similar mentality.

“Gianna can do whatever she sets her mind to,” Gino said. “She has all the athletic potential in the world. When she gets even more confidence I have no doubt she will have an outstanding collegiate career.”

When it comes to the qualities you look for in leaders in your team, you want to find something that you want the team to resemble. The leaders well exemplify what you want your program to look like as a coach and the rest of the team will follow behind. Both Riforgiatos do a great job at exemplifying a huge trait many coaches look for.

“Grit,” Gino said. “Growing up she was the only girl in our family so when we would have family parties she would be the only girl playing sports with all the boys. She learned not to take anything from anyone and not to give up.”

The grind that comes from this family has been passed down from brother to sister and it shows on the court every time Riforgiato shows up to play. She was a key player in the take down over grant this past week as they came from behind to beat the bulldogs by a small margin of three.

As time flies by, as it tends to do in high school, Riforgiato does everything she can to make the most of her last years on the court. As a leader, a teammate and a sister she will continue to do everything she can to make everyone proud of her efforts.