A Moment in Time at the Antioch Pageant

Interested in scholarships, tiaras, and representing the Antioch community? Check out the Miss Antioch 2018 Pageant.


Mark the calendar for June 16, 2018, at 5:00 P.M. (CT), for a moment in time, which is the theme of this year’s annual Antioch Pageant.

This year, the current reigning queens, Miss Antioch, Jessica Lamberty, Junior Miss Antioch, Adalia Tate, and Little Miss Antioch, Adriana Thornton, will be passing their crowns and titles onto new royalty.

Throughout the year, the new group will host events based on their platforms, as well as contribute numerous hours towards community service and events. Personally, my platform was about bringing the community together through music. I was able to host a Disney Princess Sing-Along at the annual Monster Fest and performed many times at the Antioch Senior Center and Victory Lakes Assisted Living Center in Lindenhurst, Illinois. I was also able to speak to students at Antioch Upper Grade School about the importance and benefits of joining a music program in high school.

Aside from platform events, the queens meet with other pageant queens of Lake County to participate in food drives, clothing donations and charity events. The biggest event is competing in the Lake County Illinois State Pageant in March of 2019. The winner continues her reign under the new title and has more opportunities to create platform events.

Over all, pageants are a wonderful way to get involved in the community, sharpen public speaking skills and share opinions on matters of importance.

The age groups are as follows:

Little: Ages five to nine.

Junior: Ages ten to 15.

Miss: Ages 16 to 21.

The contestants must be female, cannot be married or get engaged during their reign, cannot have been or be pregnant and cannot have held the title previously or be a reigning queen of any other pageant system. If the contestant does not meet these regulations, they will not be allowed to compete. If any of the rules are broken during the reign, the queen will be stripped of her title and the first runner-up will assume the position in her place.

The pageant is now under the direction of Toni Galster of the Antioch Parks and Recreation Department, who stepped up after the previous director, Jenifer Dosch, resigned last October. If interested in signing up, please contact Toni Galster at: [email protected].