Snack Hacks: A Better Way to Munch

Snacking has never been easier with these new tricks to make food more manageable.

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Snack Hacks: A Better Way to Munch

From Chip Bag to Bowl:

No need to do the dishes–fold a chip bag into a transportable bowl. Simply roll the sides of the bag down, similar to rolling a pant leg. The bag will stand up on its own.


Fresh Seal:

No chip clip? No problem. Watch this short tutorial on how to fold the bag so it stays closed and the food stays fresh.


Clean Cheese Fingers:

Instead of eating cheesy snacks with dirty fingers, try using chopsticks and avoid the mess.


Snack Sized Salad:

Use a mason jar to keep salads fresh, sealed and leak free. Put croutons and dry toppings in a separate container to keep them from getting mushy. Here is a video tutorial with four recipes of mason jar salads.


No Egg Cookies:

Using bananas in place of eggs goes unnoticed by the consumer. It is also a perfect alternative for vegan cookie options.


Fresh Scents:

Do not waste orange peels. When hollowed out and filled with cooking oil, the stem will burn for hours. However, be cautious around children and animals.


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