A Month After Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico is still attempting to recover after 30 days.

Madisen Krapf

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On September 20, Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico causing a surplus of debris and damage that devastated the country. The hurricane came and went until October 3 and had excruciating winds of up to 155 miles per hour. The death toll is still climbing, but currently resides at 48 lives taken. Puerto Rico is in need of more help than ever.

There is still lots of work to be done to restore the country to its once-stable environment. The damage is only one small factor needed to improve the state of Puerto Rico. The hurricane wiped out most of the country’s prized possessions and hard-earned belongings.

The electricity and plumbing is also a factor that has been severely damaged by the natural disaster and could take years to restore. There are still thousands of workers repairing power lines to revive electricity and plumbing.

Another component that the country is in desperate need of is water.

According to CNN, “More than a third of Puerto Rican households, or about one million people, still lack running water.”

The thing that Puerto Rico residents need the most is help from other countries. The power of the storm affected the entire country, and, as of now, there are not enough people to help repair and provide them with resources.