State-Driven Sequoits Dominate the House

Girls bowling stays consistent and turns out successful against the Warhawks.

Senior Allison Kane takes her turn, bringing the Sequoits further into the lead.

Senior Allison Kane takes her turn, bringing the Sequoits further into the lead.

On Dec 10, the girls bowling team traveled to North Chicago for their fourth event of the season. The team has started off strong this year and the outcome of this match proved that they have found their momentum early on.

Among the team, the Sequoits reached a combined score of 2,663, with North Chicago falling short generating 1,548 points as a team. 

The leading scorers consisted of junior Alyssa Olson with 603 points in three games, senior Lynn Michalec with 597 points, and sophomore Allyssa Tanner ending up with 524 points.

“We played very well,” Michalec said. “We beat them by over a few hundred pins which gave us a big confidence boost going into the rest of the season.”

Success early on in the year causes the team to make big goals for later on and motivate the Sequoits towards those goals. One major goal for Antioch would be making it down to the the state finals.

“I think the team is very motivated about making it to state,” Olson said. “We are also becoming more and more confident each year.”

State is the ultimate goal for the team and is the driving factor for every member to do well once it is their turn to play.

Senior Allison Kane has faith in her team and everyone’s abilities, but, to ensure they perform as well as they can, they need to drill technique in order to stay consistent.

“As a team, we need to work on picking up our spares,” Kane said. “Making sure our games stay clean is what can make or break our chances at state.”

As the season goes on, the team will focus on staying true to their ultimate goal by working hard and smart; by doing so, Antioch hopes to continue outperforming their opponents on the lanes.