New Trend Waves Over Gen Z

The new craze that is splattered on everyone’s devices has causes an even larger upbringing.


Madisen Krapf

This is the opening image to the app. Once the app is opened, viewers either get a look at the “For You” page which displays the top trending Tik Toks, or they can take a look at Tik Tok’s of people they follow.

As a new year comes about, new trends are not short behind. For the past year, the app Tik Tok has been blowing up on devices all over the nation. In September 2018, the app surpassed Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube in downloads on the App Store.

Tik Tok is an app that has a general teen demographic. Users can record themselves typically dancing or lip-syncing to music or they can make funny videos. However, there are multitudes of videos that are posted on the app such as fun facts, comedy, diy’s, etc.

Senior Emily Pedersen has recently been joining the trend due to the popularity it has caused.

“I think Tik Tok is fun,” Pedersen said. “It is especially fun when I make them with all of my friends.¨

The app has gained copious amounts of publicity from celebrities and has even caused small creators to form into large influencers.

“I think what makes it so fun is that there are lots of dance trends that can be fun to follow,” Pedersen said. “It’s funny seeing people making tik toks everywhere you look.”

As opposed to, which was used primarily to lip-synch to songs, Tik Tok has been used mostly for comedy and dance trends. This new approach to the similar app structure has caused much more of an audience than younger kids singing and doing hand motions to songs. 

At the rate of the app’s publicity, it seems as if the trend doesn’t seem as if it will die down in the near future.