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The student-teacher bowl

On January 11, the Antioch bowling team had a bowling match with teachers and it turned into a great time.
The bowling was a lot of fun for both the students and the teachers.

The fourth annual student-teacher bowl was held at the Antioch Lanes on Jan. 11. During the bowling season, players chose one teacher to partner with and compete against the other student-teacher groups. It has become something that not only the bowling team looks forward to, but the teachers too. 

In a close game, senior Sydney Tindell and global studies teacher Meghan McDonnell paired up to take first place with a combined series of 658. Coming in second, only two points away from taking first, were sophomore Emma Wagner and history teacher Whitney Walsh. With a total series of 654 pins, third place was awarded to sophomore Ugne Aleksaite and art teacher Stefan Pfautz. 

“I think it’s fun to watch all the teachers bowl, that’s what I’m having fun with right now,” Wagner said. 

Some teachers bowled a high series of 335 in a two-game series and some bowled as low as 150. Of all the teachers who competed, Walsh was the only teacher who ever participated in bowling in high school.  

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“It was an enjoyable time, I didn’t win and that hurt my feelings,” Lakes Community High School teacher and softball coach William Hamill said. 

As amazing as the varsity team was, with senior Allyssa Tanner scoring the highest series of 475, the teachers were the ones who were the stars. Social studies teacher Jaycee Ruley not only participated this year in the student-teacher bowl, but she also participated three years ago with ACHS alumna Maya Schon

“I bowl for fun occasionally, but I usually would have bumpers up,” Ruley said.

By the teachers’ reactions, they had a fun break from the school week to meet the girl’s bowling team in a friendly bowling match against their peers and their students. This student-teacher bowl is a great tradition that these girls look forward to every year. It’s a time for the team to bond and have fun. 

On Jan. 28, the girl’s bowling team will head up to the Round Lake bowling lanes to compete in the NLCC conference. As most of the bowling team is composed of seniors, this is the last game for a lot of these girls.

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Natalie Labicki, Tom Tom Staff
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