Bowling’s future

With so many upperclassmen what does the future look like for Antioch’s bowling program?


The bowling team posing during one of their meets during the season.

With a team made entirely of upperclassmen, it may seem that the Sequoit bowling team has an unclear future. After graduation, the team will be left with only three members, but many athletes believe that is both a blessing and a curse.

“I think having a lot of upperclassmen can help and hurt us,” junior Riley Robisun said. “I know we’ll have a lot to teach future bowlers, we just have to make sure we do our best to recruit more players next year.”

The bowling team has never been necessarily big, but this season has been on the smaller side, and half of the team departing may make that an even bigger problem next year.

“When I first joined the team, there were a lot more players on it than there are now,” senior Allyssa Tanner said. “It might be a problem next season, but the team should be able to figure it out in order to keep the team going. A lot of the team is very passionate about the sport so I know they will do whatever they can to keep it going.”

A small team has not been an issue in the past, and although the team may be facing problems now, things do seem to be looking up. Many athletes that are not currently in a sport during the winter season have considered going out bowling.

Some view the sport as a relaxing pastime that does not put as much pressure on the players as many other sports, especially if athletes are able to use it as a break between more physically demanding sports.

“I think bowling helps me get prepared for the softball season in the spring,” junior Caitlyn Osborn said. “It helps me get prepared for getting back into sports, but also helps me relax and just spend time with friends.”

Regardless of the reason for playing, many bowlers highly recommend the sport, even if it is just as a time to relax with friends and enjoy themselves. Even with dwindling team members, the team is optimistic about their future, and they believe that even if the team is to downsize, their team will continue to compete at a high level.