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Lakers fall to Yeti in first playoff game

Lakers fell 4-1 to Yeti on Saturday, Feb 11, but did not go out with a fight literally.
Jazzy Fisher
Grant Community High School senior Jacob Tomassetti prepares for first round playoff game against Yeti.

On Saturday, Feb 11. The Lakers played their first playoff game against Yeti, a team ranked second in the league. Having played Yeti numerous times, the Lakers knew going into the game that it was going to be fast-paced and physical. Although the Lakers still have three more playoff games left, this loss would dampen their chances of advancing into the semifinals.

As the zamboni exited the ice, the Lakers came out ready to play: controlling the game for the early stages of the first period. However, a Yeti player came down the right side of the rink, firing a shot past Lakes Community High School senior goalie Joey Rivas. Though the Lakers were only down by one, they continued their offensive pressure, getting multiple chances to tie the game. Toward the end of the first period, Antioch Community High School senior Sam Hanes was assessed a cross-checking penalty, allowing Yeti to put another puck in the net. As the first period came to a close, Yeti held the Lakers at a 2-0 lead.

Despite being down by two heading into the second period, the Lakers were far from out of the game. Early in the second period, Grayslake Central senior TJ Halvorsen found himself on a breakaway but would ring it off the post. The period went by fast, with chance after chance for each team. However, questionable calls from the referees began to frustrate the players, along with the coaches. A Yeti player was found to have no chin strap on his helmet after it had popped off. According to the Amateur Hockey Association Illinois (AHAI), having no chin strap is an automatic ejection from the game. Instead, he was sent off to have it fixed and was allowed to continue playing. Another opportunity was given to the Lakers in the form of a five-on-three powerplay, but it would ultimately have no success, ending the second period with the Lakers still down by two.

The drama would continue to build, but not only on the ice. Parents were going back and forth in the stands, specifically some of Yeti’s JV players with vulgar trash talk to some of the Lakers’ parents.  

Heading into the third period, the Lakers were still getting grade-A scoring chances but could not capitalize on them. Yeti, again, would have continuous zone pressure, resulting in their third goal putting the Lakers down 3-0. Though hopes of coming back and winning the game were low, the Lakers did not give and kept pressing on. Unfortunately, in a race for the puck, a misread by LCHS Rivas and his two defensemen led to an easy open net goal for Yeti. The game started to get out of hand, with the referees not making calls and letting the game get progressively worse. However, just as the play was getting out of hand, the Lakers were given a powerplay, and Grayslake North High School junior Riley Parpan would capitalize, giving the Lakers their only goal, making the game 4-1. Although the game was starting to come to a close, it only just started to heat up. ACHS senior Aydin Zakroczymski blocked a shot, giving him a clean breakaway. As the puck entered the Yeti zone, the goalie came out to play the puck charging at Zakroczymski, ultimately leading them to collide.

In Lakers fashion, a fight began to break out with multiple players jumping Zakroczymski. As everyone came into the fight, the Yeti goalie would punch Zakroczymski multiple times as well as another Yeti player leaving his bench to join the fight. ACHS junior, Keith Watkins, would also join in on the fight, tackling one of the Yeti players in the pile. As the referees finally broke up the brawl, Watkins and Zakroczymski were ejected from the game. The Lakers would be the only penalized team despite Yeti throwing punches, and having a player leave the bench to join the fight. 

Though the Lakers lost their first playoff game, there is still hope that the Lakers can secure a win in their next three playoff games to advance to the semi-finals. This Saturday is one of those must-win playoff games against North Chicago at 7:30 p.m. at the RecPlex.

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Sam Hanes, Tom Tom Staff
Sam Hanes is a senior and this is his first year on staff. In his free time, Sam likes to work out, play drums, listen to music, and play hockey for The Lakers. This year, Sam hopes to have a chill and fun year, then go on to attend Illinois State University to play hockey and study kinesiology.
Jazzy Fisher, Public Relations Coordinator
Jazzy Fisher is a senior and this is her second year on staff. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering in her community, going to Starbucks, and spending time with friends. Fisher plays softball and field hockey, is a part of Cardinal Crazies and is President of Sequoit Senate. She hopes that this year brings good energy and long-lasting memories.
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