A New Hope

A clothing line that makes a change.


Tommy Hilfiger, designer, just created a brand new clothing line. But this time there’s a twist–the design includes features that assist people with special needs.

Some features include magnets and velcro. There are 37 styles for men and 34 for women. Special accommodations include magnetic buttons replacing the zipper on a pair of pants and pull on waistbands on the pants. These accommodations especially help those with physical disabilities.

The designers came up with cleverly planned modifications. Some accommodations also include adjusted seams, front and back closures and magnetic shoulders.

This trend started in 2016 when Hilfiger teamed up with an organization to design clothes for special needs children. They realized that special needs children wanted to dress like “all the other kids” and wear jeans and stylish clothing. Hilfiger saw that children do not have access to stylish clothes that meets their needs, so why not create some?

The success from the children’s line inspired the idea to create the adult line.

The reason why Hilfiger is the one to design the line is simply because he designs a broad range of styles that suits anyone.

Freshman Lena Devore believes that the newer design impacts disabled people in a positive way.

“It made things mentally easier for them,” Devore said. “They probably felt really good in the clothing, too, because they knew it was made just for their needs.”