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A new style of school dance

The Polar Palooza is a night sparking new traditions as Antioch and Lakes come together for an anti-formal dance.
Lydia McWilliams
Senior section at the Polar Palooza pep assembly.

Antioch Community High School is hosting Polar-Palooza with Lakes Community High School. The dance will include extreme inflatables, games, a DJ, a photo booth, music and more.  The dance will be on Saturday, Feb. 10, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and tickets can be purchased on vanco. The dance is anti-formal, so casual attire is encouraged. The commons will be a food truck specializing in icy treats and a video gaming system set up for students. A single ticket costs $30, but tickets can be won through different activities run by Sequoit Senate throughout the week.

Sequiot Senate was able to hire the same DJ from homecoming after hearing all the positive feedback. Polar Palooza will take place in the ACHS North and South gyms. The DJ will be stationed in the North gym, and the obstacle courses and inflatables will be set up in the South gym. In preparation for Polar Palooza, an assembly on Feb. 2 will act as a kick-off to Spirit Week. 

Social Studies teacher Hannah Kramer and math teacher Emily Parris toss Polar Palooza t-shirts to students.

“That whole week we got events planned and contests taking place,” Sequoit Senate Advisor Jake House said. “It’s a spirit week; everybody gets to dress up that whole week. So each day there is just a little something new and a little bit of excitement kind of in the same way that homecoming week has just a little something for everybody to do every day.”

Throughout spirit week, ACHS will be handing out sweet treats to the student body during the lunch periods. Sequiot Senate also planned activities for the students on spirit days, like tiny wars between the grades that will be used toward the Sequoit Cup.

“We’re having hot chocolate I think and snow cones too,” Senior Sequoit Senate President Jazzy Fisher said. 

There are posters around the school with scannable QR codes that allow you to purchase tickets online and fill out guest forms. Students looking to bring someone who is not a District 117 student must fill out the guest form before the deadline, Feb. 8, at noon. Find a Polar Palooza poster around the school and purchase your tickets today.

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