ACHS Student Runs Winter Clothing Drive

Sharing in the holiday spirit, one Sequoit is running a winter clothing drive at ACHS.


Graphic by Lauren Ponzetti

Warm clothing such as long sleeves, jackets, and sweaters are all essential items to a wardrobe for the chilly winter season. However, some families and individuals aren’t fortunate enough to afford or own their own winter essentials. For this reason, Antioch Community High School junior Peyton Morrow is running a winter clothing drive at ACHS as part of an Eagle Scout project.

Sophomore Ali Comer said, “I think Peyton’s fundraiser is wonderful. This is such a wonderful gesture people should take part in. The holidays are a time to give and be grateful. While receiving gifts is always fun, I feel as though that [receiving] dominates people’s minds, versus just giving and being grateful.”

There are drop off boxes located around the halls of ACHS where students are able to help out others in need by donating any gently used items such as coats, sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, or ear muffs.

Junior Peyton Morrow said, “I picked a winter clothing drive as my Eagle Scout project, because I really wanted to pick a project to engage the students. I felt the students should get a chance to make a difference and have an impact on our community. The project was already about befitting our community, so I pick the school as the prime location to get a broadened spectrum of people to donate. All in all I just wanted to make a big impact.”

Take part in the holiday spirit by donating. Every donation helps a person or a family stay warm this winter season.