An Adventure Is Out There!


Adventure EducationAre you looking for an adventure? Seeking the thrill of the outdoors? Do you want to get closer to your fellow Sequoits through team building? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the new Adventure Education class being offered at Antioch Community High School might be for you. This class is designed for students interested in life-long outdoor activity .

This class offers a variety of activities including kayaking, canoeing, archery, fishing, swimming, hiking, climbing, high ropes courses and team building. There are also many seasonal activities that the students will be able to participate in, such as snow shoeing and cross country skiing. Lakes Community High School piloted Adventure Ed this year, and the physical education department thought it would be a great class to offer to their students.

P.E. teacher Gregg Henning said, “The students will experience things that they won’t get in their average P.E. class.”

The students will learn key skills for the outdoors along with some thrills as well. This class is year-round, so the activities will range from floating in a canoe, to crossing the frozen land in the midst of winter. This class offers multiple opportunities for the students to get closer and also allows the students to learn some cool things along the way, including basic outdoor survival skills, such as starting a fire, outdoor cooking, wilderness first aid, orienteering and rope handling.

LCHS junior Melissa Reyes said, “Adventure Ed. is my favorite part about coming to school. We get to do a lot of cool activities out of the normal. If you are into the outdoors and do not mind being outside even when the weather is bad, you should definitely join.”