Anticipated Shows of 2017

All the new shows to watch, binge and press replay.

Television: the place to watch countless of shows consisting of all types of genres. The amount of movies and television channels that people of all ages can watch is truly overwhelming. In 2017, new shows have been released and old programs have ended. Although some listings may not be for everyone, there’s new trending shows many adolescents would want to watch if they aren’t already.

Junior Casey Kiyohara’s new favorite shows at the moment are “The Bold Type” and “So Sharp.”  

“The Bold Type is about three girls who have a job at a magazine place in New York and they have their ups and downs with boys as well as keeping their jobs,” Kiyohara said.

Other shows that have been in the 2017 loop are: “Riverdale”, “The Good Doctor” which will be released on Monday, September 25, “Famous In Love”, “Orange Is The New Black”, “13 Reasons Why”, “The Secret Life Of An American Teenager” and so many others.

This year, many people were intrigued with the American Television show, “The Office.” Although this show may be targeted towards adults, high schoolers seem to grasp the punch line.

For anyone who is looking for an intense series filled with all sorts of emotion happiness, sadness, love and all in between, “The Fosters” and “Grey’s Anatomy” are the shows to watch on repeat. However, “Grey’s Anatomy”  is a mix of media opinions due to blood and intense open surgeries. “The Fosters” on the other hand is about a family with foster children that face difficult life scenarios leaving the audience in awe.

Television programs and movies all have unique story lines therefore people with different interests will all be content with the shows that are trending in 2017.