Antioch Basketball Conquers Grant

With a win this past Saturday, many of the players believe what the future of the season holds is bright.


Valerie Rosek

Athan Kaliakamanis wins first jump ball of the game.

As the boys varsity basketball season begins to ramp up, many of the players have taken their ambition and love for the sport to the next level, and it has truly shown in the results of their most recent games. This past Saturday, the boys varsity basketball team played at Grant and ended up taking home a win with the final score of 45-39 and hope to continue this momentum into their future games.

With many of the players bringing their best and contributing everything they had to offer to the team, Antioch was able to come out on top. This increase in energy may be attributed to the older players taking charge of leadership roles.

“I think that Jackson Devaughn and Gavin Eldridge really showed what it meant to be one of the older players on the team as they helped keep our spirits up even when energy began to lack,” junior Jared Wolf said.

Along with the older players taking up their roles as the leaders on the team, many of the new faces on the bench have helped the Sequoits come a long way this season.

“A lot of the freshmen have made a big impact on the team,” senior Jackson Fries said. “With four of them involved, they’re really able to help. The energy they brought to the game this past Saturday was key in helping us stay on top of Grant.”

 Many of the players on the team hope for this to be a turning point in the season after suffering from multiple short strings of losses, as a winning streak at this time in the season could lead to a quick run up in the rankings.

“We’ve put in a lot of work in practices over the past few weeks,” junior Alexander Kutcher said. “With a lot of our season still left to come, a lot of us hope to continue to get better and make a good run in our regional playoffs.”

As the team nears the halfway point in the season, many look at the next few games as ones that will tell of how much of the season will flow. No matter what happens, there is one thing that everyone on the team is sure of: the players still have a great deal of growing to do, and will be a force to be reckoned with in the weeks to come.