April Showers Bring New Men’s Fashion Trends

As the seasons switch, men’s fashion switches with it.

Jason Wood, Editor-in-Chief

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As we turn the corner into spring, we’re hit with a wave of new clothing options. Gone are the puffy jackets and boots of winter, it’s time to throw on a pair of shorts and grab your favorite windbreaker.

This spring, denim, sweaters, casual button-ups and polos should be stocking your closets to get you ready for the season.

Spring is easily the most unpredictable season of the year; one minute rain is pouring, the next it’s shorts weather. In order to make it through the season and look good doing it, you’ll want your clothing to be as versatile as the weather.

Windbreakers, denim jackets and light sweaters can help you battle the crazy weather of spring. Most brands will offer affordable options to pair with the rest of your spring wear, however companies such as Columbia, Levi’s, Old Navy or G.H. Bass & Co. will have anything you could need.  

Outerwear isn’t the only key component to the perfect spring look, pants or shorts, and your choice of shirt is equally important. Recently, colored chinos and joggers, as well as brightly colored shorts have been a go to. Paired with a duller colored outer layer and a base colored shirt like a white polo and you’re ready to take on any spring weather.

The same trend stays true to shorts, a bright bottom, dull outer layer, and versatile top is generally what should be any man’s goal. PacSun or Banana Republic should fit your every need when it comes to what to wear over your legs.

As any well dressed person knows, no outfit is complete till it has the right pair of shoes. Fortunately, during spring it’s hard to go wrong. No matter what the outfit, a pair of oxfords, boat shoes or sneakers can change your look however you want.

Spring shouldn’t be an excuse to wear hoodies and sweatpants for three months, there’s always a way to change your closet up to fit the occasion, and look good doing it.