Athletes’ top shops

Many athletes have a specific style and spend lots of money on it.


Jazzy Fisher

Sequoit Athletes showing off their favorite brands.

There are many clothing trends and brands that receive “hype”. Every year the fashion trends change. Old fashion trends and brands come back and new trends and brands appear. Brands such as Lululemon, Hey Dudes and Nike have been around for quite some time and are favorite brands by athletes in their daily wardrobe.

Sophomore Kaityln Baylen is an active athlete involved in field hockey and soccer and is a Lululemon customer who admires and values name brand items. Baylen has two favorite Lululemon items.

“I would say probably either the align tanks or the full zip scubas [are my favorite],” Baylen said.

Lululemon is full of many athletic items. Starting from men and women workout attire to water bottles, bags, yoga mats and recently released gym shoes. Going along with all of Lululemon’s items, they also have compelling colors with fun names.

Kaityln Baylen models her Lululemon attire.

“Either poolside blue or strawberry milkshake [is my favorite Lululemon color],” Baylen said.

Lululemon has gained a mass following since it was established in 1998 by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada.

“I feel like Lululemon became [more] popular when social media really started to hit and as people started to actually wear it,” Baylen said.

Social media has a tendency to start many clothing trends. Senior Ethan Frasch competes in golf at Antioch Community High School and also believes that a brand can gain popularity from social media.

“[Hey Dudes] do a good job advertising on social media, and everyone is wearing them,” Frasch said.

Hey Dudes are casual shoes for both men and women, they can be dressed up or dressed down.

“They are a comfortable casual shoe and are easy to slip on and off,” Frasch said.

Not only are Hey Dudes comfortable and casual but they are average priced.

“I have around four to five pairs and I think they cost around $50 each,” Frasch said.

Ethan Frasch showing off his Hey Dudes.

While social media influences most peoples style. Junior Colby Priller’s style is influenced by his sport. Priller is a ACHS basketball player. His favorite part of his daily outfits are his shoes and have been for a few years. Catch him always in the “flashiest” shoes either in the hallway or on the court.

“Around middle school I got into sneakers and I play basketball so switching up your shoes and having the flashiest ones on is what it’s all about,” Priller said.

Priller is known for his shoe collection at Antioch. He has a total of 86 pairs excluding his inventory for his website The Offical Hoopers Closet is a website and Instagram account that Priller runs where he sells sneakers and apparel.

While Priller has many different shoes he has a favorite for basketball and daily outfits.

“I love to hoop in Kobes and Kyries, [they] are my favorite,” Priller said.

Having a total of 86 shoes and additional pairs for his website may sound out of one’s mind but Priller believes that it’s a great way to express oneself.

Colby Priller holding his Nike basketball shoes.

“I feel that sneakers are a great way to express yourself and sense of style,” Priller said. “From high tops to low tops, white and grey or the classic black and red colorway, there’s always a sneaker for you.”
Clothing trends and brands slowly change more and more throughout the years. Brands come and go and receive more “hype” than others. The world of style is always changing and evolving and it is always a battle to be on top of it.