What’s in Your Bag: Audrey Selander


Tennis is a complex sport that combines hand-eye coordination with the cardiovascular strength required to run across a court multiple times. The equipment worn and carried by players has a big role in keeping them comfortable while they compete. Everything down to the shoes on their feet is important. Look good, feel good, play well.

“My head racket [is my most important item],” varsity tennis player and sophomore Audrey Selander said. “It’s my best racket and I can’t play a match without it.”

Selander values her head racket much more than the others that she owns, but of course, everything comes at a price. Selander estimates the total cost of the entirety of her bag to be around 250 dollars, a price she is willing to pay for her love of the game. However, the price of each item in her bag is not evenly distributed, as some things may cost much less compared to others. Those items are also usually the ones that are much easier to play without and replace. 

“My towel for my grip,” Selander said. “It would be a lot harder to play without it, but not impossible.”

Everything that Selander keeps in her bag is essential to her play on the court. One lost item could cost her an entire match which would, in turn, change the entire team’s outcome. Therefore, having her tennis bag be constantly accessible is very important if the entire team wants to succeed.