Bees May Be Making a Comeback

Amsterdam has put new measures in place to increase the bee population


Bees are known to pollinate the majority of crops that are consumed by the public. Without them, the world would be without a stable food supply. A study from the University of Vermont reported that the population of bees has declined by 23 percent.

Additionally, according to Elite Daily, in the United States alone, bees supply around 15 billion dollars in crop values. One third of the total food supply around the globe is pollinated by bees. If they continue to die off at an alarming rate, as they currently are, the world will soon be left without the crops it desperately needs to feed the populations.

According to the Sierra Club, a nonprofit, environmental group, bees are most likely dying due to the widespread use of pesticides that contain harsh chemicals on crops.

According to NBC News, Amsterdam may have a solution to this dilemma. The city grew many local plants, created insect hotels and enacted a ban on harmful pesticides. 

The diversity of both the honeybee and the wild bee have increased by 45 percent in the last 18 years in Amsterdam. They believe that the measures put in place allowed the bee population to thrive. Amsterdam’s government has also created a sustainability fund of 38.5 million dollars to help aid their environment.

Additionally, residents were given information on how to avoid using the harmful pesticides that are likely causing the decline of bees. Builders are also made aware of more eco-friendly options, such as green roofs, to not only create a habitat, but also to naturally control the climate. Finally, residents can have a strip of their pavement removed so they can plant flowers, shrubs or other plants. An ecologist can also offer insight as to what would grow the best depending on the situation of the homeowner and they can also have small holes dug into exterior walls of their building to provide a home to different wildlife.

Overall, bees are still on the decline, however, with the incorporation of the policies and practices that Amsterdam has in place, bees may still be able to make a comeback.